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The power of remarketing

You’ve seen them once, and you want to see them again, but only those who are likely to book, buy or engage with your site.

Over 90% of your website traffic is likely to leave your website without taking any action. It may be they are not ready to buy or engage with you on that occasion… or that your site didn’t have that hook they were expecting.

However, they may be ready later that day, next week or indeed in several months.

Remarketing is a fantastic way to harness new and repeat business that might otherwise have been lost. Remarketing is a process that advertisers use to target previous visitors to their website through other websites or platforms, like Facebook and Instagram for example, using hyper-relevant ad messaging tailored to their individual onsite behaviour and activity.

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Platforms we use to deploy remarketing ads

Remarketing is a must in any digital strategy but needs careful thought, planning, testing and continuous optimisation. You don’t want your customers seeing the same creatives time and time again as they will then learn to ignore any marketing from you.

We customise creatives to suit each past visitor you are advertising to, and ensure that we optimally deploy the best creative style–be it Canvas on Facebook, or LeadGeneration via LinkedIn–to each user based on the campaign requirements.

For example, if you are looking for sales leads for an upcoming car model release then Canvas on Facebook is a highly engaging full-screen experience on mobile that allows users to interact with the ad. Or if you are looking to re-engage with users from your eCommerce site, then running a promotion with dynamic product ads via the Google Display Network (GDN) would be a sure winner.

All creatives are designed in-house with knowledge of what encourages potential customers to take action.

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Forms of remarketing

We’re often asked, “What forms of remarketing can I use?” Here you’ll see the main options available to you.

We customise your remarketing campaign based on your requirements; do you need cart abandoners to complete a purchase? Or do you want to re-engage past visitors with a video of your new package holidays or new car model offers?

Research shows that internet users are more likely to remember and re-engage with your brand if they are receiving advertising from you, following their last website visit.

Remarketing has become a powerful and commonplace form of advertising. As internet users we are accustomed to seeing adverts from websites that we have recently visited, be it in the form of text ads on Google Search, or image ads and videos on social media. If you’re not currently running remarketing then you’re missing out on a valuable chunk of traffic which your site could convert into customers.


Text ads generate the most exposure across the internet and are a great starting point. Also known as RLSA – remarketing lists for search ads.


There are 20+ banner sizes and multiple formats that can be displayed on millions of websites across the Google Display Network and other ad exchanges.

Dynamic Product

These banners show hyper-relevant products that a visitor has seen on your site. We target cart abandoners and remarket to them the product they left behind in their basket on your site.

Social Media

People spend long periods of time on social networks and visits to these sites are typically the first and last thing that we do every day. This is a prime opportunity to convert recent browsers to customers.


Build credibility and relationships with your visitors with videos that cost just pennies a view. Re-engage with your users on YouTube with pre-roll advertising.

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Transparent pricing

We know that every business is unique and as such we offer two types of fee plans. If you’re a start-up, or just conscious of monthly outgoings, we offer a fixed fee plan (which does exactly what it says on the tin). If you’re an established eCommerce website we offer a performance-based plan whereby we only charge you a percentage of revenue we have generated (if we don’t generate revenue you don’t pay – simple as that).

With either fee plan, you’re certain to increase your ROI.

If you’d like to find out more about our remarketing services, or to arrange a demo, please get in touch with us.

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