the client

easyHotel offers cheap hotel rooms in the UK and worldwide. You want to kick-start your day from an easy base, and be right in the thick of it, not a taxi ride away. Boasting premium city centre locations, easyHotel take care of making sure you’re not only well rested but well-sited.

“A truly excellent PPC agency and we are greatly appreciative not only of the results so far, but of the continued & extended support that they have provided”


Jorge Rodríguez
Marketing and eCommerce Manager

the brief

Increase Revenue

When they came to us, easyHotel was still an emerging brand targeting a niche and highly competitive market. To get any interest, we knew that our targeting had to be spot-on. On top of this, easyHotel’s rooms started as low as £19.99/night. To ensure they actually made a profit, it was absolutely crucial that we maintained positive cost-per-booking and strong Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

our action plan

What We Did


Restructure the account

Looking at the accounts, we could see that easyHotel’s budget had been spread thin in previous months, and the account needed serious consolidating so we could focus our efforts on areas where we knew we would get strong returns.

We performed a complete account re-structure, giving each hotel its own dedicated campaign. This gave us much greater flexibility and control in targeting and meant we could introduce non-brand bidding to target consumers on the ground looking for “last minute hotels” near them for the evening, and other device and time- specific searches.

This laser-focused targeting on users who we knew were primed to book immediately, resulted in much higher CTR and efficient use of easyHotel’s limited media spend.  We also performed keyword research to find queries our competitors weren’t bidding on, which meant lower bids, and less competition.

To reduce reliance on OTAs like Expedia and, we used our metasearch portal to connect directly with platforms including Google Hotel Ads, Trivago and TripAdvisor. This helped easyHotel generate more direct revenue from bookings, without having to pay OTAs commission.


Build Brand Awareness

As an emerging brand, part of our brief was to build awareness of easyHotel’s new hotel openings to future potential guests.

To tackle this one, we introduced Facebook ad campaigns to promote new hotel openings to large, relevant audiences. One tactic we used was to build custom campaigns targeting non-local supporters of Premier League teams who we knew would likely be travelling for upcoming home matches, and would be on the lookout for budget accommodation. This hyper-targeted messaging to a relevant audience base resulted in high levels of landing page visits and strong on-post engagement.


Retarget Site Visitors

Lastly, we introduced AdRoll which allowed us to access 95% of the web’s ad inventory. This meant we could retarget site visitors who hadn’t yet booked a room with carefully designed & timed sales and promotional offers. This kept easyHotel front of mind during their consideration process and meant they were more likely to return and actually convert.

what we delivered

Cutting Edge Results

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See What Our Client Said

“A truly excellent PPC agency and we are greatly appreciative not only of the results so far, but of the continued & extended support that they have provided. Always pushing the boundaries of the marketing strategy, Kaffeine continue to keep things fresh. Metasearch advertising is key in the hotel industry and Kaffeine continually increase ROI for our hotels. It’s good to actually find an agency that not only ‘do what they says on the tin’ but actually do what they promise in the pitch.”


Jorge Rodríguez
Marketing & eCommerce Manager

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