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Paid Social

Social media ads & strategy

Socialising Is Not Just For The Café

Paid social media marketing agency

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube allow you the opportunity to attract and engage new fans and followers to your brand or business, but success on social media does not happen by accident. Instead, success results from a targeted campaign designed by a tenured social media marketing expert.

A Social Strategy That Delivers Results

and we mean results!

Social media marketing requires you to do more than create a profile, page, or post. It requires a custom-tailored social strategy, designed to target your local Northampton or nationwide audience. It is essentially the difference between an instant coffee that is “technically” coffee, and freshly ground coffee beans—the quality of your social marketing campaigns is all in the details.

Social media is the fastest way to reach tens of thousands of local leads, and millions of global leads. As with all marketing techniques, your results must be measurable. This goes beyond the excitement of generating more fans, followers, likes, and shares—to building meaningful brand awareness and generating measurable conversions.

Social media is often a mix of fun and informative content, but just like a good cup of coffee, your options are endless. From paid ads, sponsored posts, building buzz, securing industry influencers, and building backlinks, we are here to help you generate a measurable ROI from each of your social media marketing endeavours.


Join the big league

With all the new social platforms popping up around the globe, you might wonder if Facebook is still relevant. The answer is still a resounding yes!

Aside from a standard page that can be marketed on multiple channels, Facebook’s paid ads provide the most in-depth targeting and analytics of any other social media platform. While you never want to put all your eggs in one basket, Facebook is an important part of the marketing mix.

Facebook is often the most familiar, but why stop at just one shot?


Tweet your way to success!

Can you say hashtag? Twitter was late to the game in offering paid posts, but they have more than made up for lost time.

Twitter advertising takes an innovative, yet strategic approach. With just 140 characters, including hashtags, you cannot afford to miss the mark.

We know the exact keywords and targeted tactics to savour every drop in your Twitter campaigns.


Go pro

LinkedIn is a professional networking tool that reaches over 200 countries around the world. It is an excellent tool for B2B social media marketing, as well as recruiting, and creative product marketing.

While the audience on LinkedIn may overlap with your other social platforms, the intention in visiting this social site unique—meaning that the same approach to marketing on LinkedIn just won’t do.

We can deliver elevated social media marketing, which LinkedIn allows you to maximise by delivering only to members who meet a very specific professional demographic. This goes beyond geographic location, to skill set, industry, job title, and more!


Motion picture appeal

The demand for video marketing does nothing but continue to grow, so how do you capture your slice of the pie?

As long as you have the video, we will ensure it is seen by the demographic that will return the highest ROI. From general demographics, language, and online activities — this Google subsidiary offers excellent options for hyper-targeting your paid marketing.


Picture perfect

Instagram is in a league of its own. This visually-driven social platform can generate swift engagements, but how do you generate measurable results? With us, of course!

This mobile-driven platform offers innovative sponsored ads, which can be targeted to leave a lasting impression. In fact, the more creative and stylised your imagery, the better!


Amplify your message

As the largest ad-supported music streaming service in the world, Spotify gets your message in front of your audience as they stream what they love, and we can help drive brand impact with engaging ad formats such as audio, video and display.

Reach highly engaged Spotify users across targeted devices and platforms.

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