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Paid Search (PPC)

unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Paid Search (PPC)

Improve roi, increase visibility & reduce wastage

The power of paid search marketing

PPC management agency

Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should.

Yes, any business owner can create a Google account and develop their own Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, but results will be watered down in doing so. To achieve a high ROI with positive KPIs from your paid search campaign, it requires experience in digital marketing. This is where we step in.

Our PPC management team has been providing a full range of PPC services to UK and USA businesses for more than a decade. Just like your morning cup of coffee, we give your business the online boost you’re searching for.

Our PPC experts have been Google Certified since 2004! We have worked extensively within this reigning search engine, resulting in a surplus of qualified leads and conversions in some of the most competitive online markets.

With our expert guidance, we’ll gear your campaign around your business objectives, keep a tight rein on your ad budgets and laser-target your audience all through a results-driven, cutting edge PPC strategy that serves up immediate, targeted and measurable traffic and conversions.

Platforms we use for laser-targeted PPC campaigns

we’re where your customers are

We don’t limit our service to customising just keywords, creatives and channels; our whole approach to PPC is tailored to suit your end-goal and ensure that we optimally deploy the best creative style–be it Canvas on Facebook, or LeadGeneration via LinkedIn, or a hyper-relevant text ad on Google Search–to ensure the end result is in-line with your business goals.

Our PPC management process

from audit to ideas, we cover all bases

We’ve saved many of our clients thousands of pounds a month in ineffective online marketing costs, all while increasing conversion rates, and we can do the same for you!

  • Work directly with your dedicated account manager to establish a unique but relevant PPC strategy with measurable goals and KPIs.
  • We constantly develop exciting new opportunities, designed to help you secure a presence as a leading industry contender.
  • We will custom-tailor your PPC campaigns with creative copy that drives results.
  • With our expert knowledge of building and managing PPC campaigns, we will laser-target customers, and increase your click-through rate.
  • Our cutting-edge bidding algorithm will maximise your campaign's efficiency—and deliver measurable results.
  • We efficiently manage multiple platforms including social media channels, AdWords, Bing, AdRoll, Display, YouTube, Microsoft—and many more.

With over 10 years’ experience behind us, we have a highly developed work ethic and an innovative approach to PPC. We deliver results on any budget, and from any starting point.

We conduct an audit of your current campaigns and identify areas of opportunity and wasteful spending.

Industry insights and competitor research help us form a concentrated strategy.

We either rebuild, restructure, or further build out your campaigns.

Daily campaign management to maximise the budget and ROI.

Ad, landing page, and user-journey testing allow us to continually strengthen your signature blend—and increase conversions.

Our research, tests, and data allow us to brainstorm and brew new ideas for customer acquisition.

Transparent Pricing

We know that every business is unique and as such we offer two types of fee plans. If you’re a start-up, or just conscious of monthly outgoings, we offer a fixed fee plan (which does exactly what it says on the tin). If you’re an established eCommerce website we offer a performance-based plan whereby we only charge you a percentage of revenue we have generated (if we don’t generate revenue you don’t pay – simple as that).

With either fee plan, you’re certain to increase your roi.

If you’d like to find out more about our remarketing services, or to arrange a demo, please get in-touch with us.

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