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unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Our Team of Geeks

Behind every great agency is a great team of geeks, er, we mean uniquely talented individuals.
Our agency is no different.


Founder / PPC Lead

The founder of Kaffeine, Jason has worked both client and agency side in senior roles, footing the agency with a wealth of expertise gained over his 14 years within the digital marketing industry.

Jason leads from the front. You won’t find him hiding behind the team, he actively manages client accounts day in day out and strongly believes that a leader leads by example and not by ‘status’.

Two kids, three guinea pigs named Rabbit (don’t ask!), Riviera and Harlow. Rugby. Real ales. Doesn’t mind a family holiday or two. Weekend escapes. F1. Running. Roman history.


Digital Marketing Specialist

The newest member of the Kaffeine team, Ami, is making one heck of an impact on us all.

Ami manages our PPC portfolio, striving to fully optimise every client account. She is a wizard at writing ads, then re-writing them having decided she’s not happy with them! Ami loves a good extension – be it sitelink, callout, structured snippet…

4 Chickens, 3 Children, 2 Rabbits, 1 Dog and a Husband. Bread baker, cider brewer, jam maker, vegetable grower. Vintage queen, loves nothing more than a bubble bath and a glass of good wine.


Digital Marketing Executive

Over 10 years working in Marketing, both in house and agency side. Got a thirst for digital when asked to randomly look after a website and its content.

The latest member of the team Kaffeine. Sarah is making her mark in the business and on the accounts under her management. A stickler for well curated content, and ad copy – almost never happy with what she has written!

Mum, wife and dog lover. Feels truly at home when bare foot by the sea. Yoga. Swimming. Reading. Gardening. Loves nothing more than exploring the UK with family and dog, Ruby, in tow.


Creative Designer

Arnie was the third member of Kaffeine. He’s been leading the creative design and branding element of the business ever since.

Arnie handles all of the creative / branding elements required from the business, he’s an inspiring individual who delivers exceptional client service throughout. We like to think of him as ‘our creative guru’, working to enhance the business offering.

Fiancé, big plans, two dogs. Tennis. Doesn’t mind a holiday. Skiing. Cycling. Tennis. Known to like a beer. Tennis. Occasional karaoke. He really likes tennis.


Accounts Manager

The second member of the Kaffeine team, Louise, continues to put her stamp on things.

Louise mentors all our account handlers, inspiring exceptional client service throughout the agency. She loves creative design and loves playing around with HTML5 even more.

Mum to two crazy kids. Can be found trekking around the Lake District, especially for the annual Easter Egg hunt. Loves a good laugh and boogie. Enjoys reading and colour coding her books on the book shelf. Gets excited by vintage shopping, a bit of a magpie and hoarder.


Accounts Manager

Rob joined the business originally as an external consultant to push forward our Metasearch service, making the switch to employee 6-months later after he realised the ‘free-reign’ that Kaffeine offers. (We hate red tape!)

Rob is an account manager primarily leading our Metasearch offering. He managers hotel & accommodation advertising like machine. Striving to constantly increase our clients ROI.

He doesn’t get out much… or so he tells us. (Given the volume of deliveries he receives we assume he likes online shopping!)

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